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Budoukan Live DVD/BD


It was announced today 2/16/2013 that the live DVD/BD of the Budoukan live will be on sale on April 10th 2013. The content of the extras are not mentioned yet but we’re hoping for some backstage coverage too. On the same day is the birthday of Arai Hitomi and a special birthday event will be held as well. Apparently the event will take place inside a cinema and everyone can bring along drinks and popcorns together as well.

Ustream Broadcast tomorow

Tomorrow, January 13th 2013 at 12 noon (Japan time) TGS will be having an event at Shibuya Tower Records in commemoration with Bad Flower release anniversary and also their Manager’s Birthday. A Ustream broadcast is scheduled to be on tomorrow so do check it out!

According to the official site, the schedule of tomorrow is as follows :

1st Session 12:00 / 2nd Session 15:00 / 3rd session 18:00~

See you guys at Ustream social chat!

Ustream Awards

Ustream Asia has started a voting session to give an award to the selected channels from Japanese broadcaster and Tokyo Girls’ Style Ustream channel is one of the nominee. If you would like to cast in your vote to help TGS get a vote closer to winning this award head over to this link below and click on vote (the black box above their channel picture) and if you have difficulty finding the channel in the page, CTRL + F and search for 033, since they are nominee #033.

Once you have cast your vote, you’d be taken to another page with a few boxes to be filled in. If you can’t read Japanese don’t panic, these are the only things that you need to know to get on with the voting.

awardsLet us all throw in our support and pray that they’d win this award!


Tokyo Dream Channel on January 15 2013

The next Tokyo Dream Channel is on January 15th 2013.


To those who are new to this, it is basically a show with Hibi Mikoto ( Dream5) and Yamabe Miyu (Tokyo Girls’ Style) where they chat and do various things. The show also features the manager from both group a lot.


The stream will be on Dream5 channel this time around :

HMV Idol Gakuen presents, Nihon Jyuudan Idol Ranbu 2013


Tokyo Girls Style will be participating Idol Ranbu 2013 this year and will be performing all across Japan. Both Tokyo Girls Style and 9Nine will be appearing at every show and information of the tour is as follows :

  1. March 15 2013 :Hokkaido – Sapporo Penny Lane24
  2. March 20 2013 :Osaka – Umeda AKASO
  3. March 22 2013 :Hiroshima – Hiroshima Club Quatro
  4. March 23 2013 :Fukuoka – Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
  5. March 25 2013 :Aichi – Nagoya Club Quatro
  6. March 27 2013 :Miyagi – Sendai darwin
  7. March 30 2013 :Tokyo – SHIBUYA AX

[Now, TGS is...] On Ustream tomorrow

Tomorrow (January 5th 2013) the show 「今、女子流は…」will be aired starting from 0700 -1400 hours Japan time. The description of the show this time is as follows :

The content is unclear! Just how far is this show going to cover?! There’s also a possibility where the connection is going to be bad or even stopped. Please be informed about this.

Onnaji Kimochi in New Year Idol Yokocho Matsuri 2013

On January 2nd 2013 a concert event called “New Year Idol Yokocho Matsuri 2013″, despite not involved with the show at all, the song “Onnaji Kimochi” was chosen to be the ending song for the show. New Year Idol Yokocho Matsuri 2013 was attended by :