Ayano Konishi

Ayano Konishi (小西彩乃)


Nickname: Aachan
Birthday: 15 December 1997
Blood type: O
Birthplace: Osaka
What is New Year’s to you?: I like the happy feeling that a whole year has passed! I get presents too!
What do you do with your New Year’s Gift?: Use it! (Last year I bought a game!)
Things she’d like to try with TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE: Come into contact with various artists.
Chocolate she’d like to make: Double milk chocolate taste! When you bite into white milk chocolate, the double milk chocolate taste is condensed! The fragrance will also be good and it will be tasty! As for the shape, the Tokyo Girls’ Style’s clover flower is good!
Instruments played: Piano
Favourite word: Yume (dream)
Favourite colour: White and pink
Favourite character: Carebears
Favourite dessert: Mango dessert
Fun thing to do in the train: Seeing the views along the way (and the mountain)
Biggest want: New glasses and Mokomoko backpack
Favourite place: Little sister’s bedroom
Favourite artist: BoA, TVXQ

Thing she always wanted to do: Make a PV
Favourite clothing maker: RONI, FANTAJIA
Favourite food: Potatoes, pancakes, grilled monja, Hiroshima grill
Favourite sushi: Homemade baked egg and cucumber roll
Favourite pastry: A dozen Alfort chocolates to relieve fatigue
Makes you feel better: When I play with my dog
Secret dream: To write and sing my own song
Important words: “Because everyone is here, I’ll become happy, Thank you everyone, I am thankful.”
Pet: Appun (toy poodle)

Ayano attended EXPG and aaa.

Looking back in the year 2010… What was the event that left the biggest impression on you?

【July 29th~, 2010 Tokyo Girls’ Style Limited Live in Summer 2010】

Definitely the 25 lives/performances during the summer! It was our first time performing so many times in a row and I was worried(*_*)

Especially the fact that I was able to sing solo at the Limited Live left the biggest impression on me! The song that I sang, which is by Crystal Kay, is a really difficult song and I went to karaoke to practice every single day with my mom! I think…I practiced for two hours per day… I was really worried about my solo, but we overcame the difficulties as a group and I think we became closer as a result.

After all of the performances/lives were over, I felt like the time went by really fast and I was surprised☆ Time passes by quickly… (But the most awful thing was the hot temperature…)

An introduction from Mei♪

Ayano is known as the “Songstress/Diva of Tokyo Girls’ Style” since she’s really good at singing! Usually, she’s like a leader but she also says funny stuff sometimes and makes us laugh (^-^o)(o^-^) For example, when we are having a group discussion, she is the one who listens to each member’s ideas and comes up with a conclusion. And then, when the room becomes awkwardly silent…she always breaks the silence by making a weird sound ( ^^)Y☆Y(^^ )