Hitomi Arai


Nickname: Hiichan, Hitomin
Birthday: 10 April 1998
Blood type: O
Birthplace: Miyagi Prefecture
What is New Year’s to you?: Mom lines us up and gives us the fortune bags that she bought.
What do you do with your New Year’s Gift?: Save it.
Things she’d like to try with TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE: Want to be on a television program and sing. First, she wants to perform and sing on stage, and then she wants to appear on ‘Talk Corner’.
Chocolate she’d like to make: Strawberry chocolate! I like strawberries very much… Strawberries are pink. Therefore, Tokyo Girls’ Style likes pink! With the strawberry flavoured chocolate, we would like to make the house of the candy where the five girls of Tokyo Girls’ Style can live together!
Height: 134cm (4′ 5″)
Person she admires: Both parents
Hobby: Snowboarding
Special skill: Light Festival Dance, PARAPARA
Favourite class: Physical education, art class
Favourite sport: Sprinting, swimming
Favourite artist: Koda Kumi
Favourite saying: 元気! (“Genki!”)
Favourite character: Hello Kitty
Specialty Food: Sausage with egg, chinese fried rice
Favourite thing: Sushi
Favourite topping on sushi: Hamburg
Favourite fruit: Strawberry
Job you want to try: Model
Dance lesson shoes: Pink Air Force
Favourite Artist: Koda Kumi, Ayumi Hamasaki, Namie Amuro
Favourite stuffed animal: Osaru (Monkey)
Goal for the future: Become a singer that are loved and admired by many people
Person you want to meet: TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki
Favourite place: My room
Family: She has a younger brother
Pets: A cat, a dog “Clan”

Hitomi was selected from avex audition 2006. She was previously a part of step1 sendai.

Looking back in the year 2010… What was the event that left the biggest impression on you?

【May 30th, 2010 NHK MUSIC JAPAN】

In 2010, the most memorable event was being able to perform on MUSIC JAPAN!

MUSIC JAPAN was the first song program on TV that we got to perform so I remember it very clearly. At first, I couldn’t talk at all…I even forgot to say my name and the group name…During our performance, there were so many cameras and I didn’t know which camera to look at…(lol)

But…I think I got a little better at talking and performing this year…!

An introduction from Ayano♪

Hitomi’s eyes are big and it sort of looks like Ojarumaru (A Japanese anime character)♪ Occasionally, she becomes weird and hyper but she’s still cute! My best memory with her is…when we sang a duet together during the summer for the Limited Live♪ The song was really difficult but we both practiced a lot together and that’s why we were able to sing it so…I remember it a lot☆