Mei Shyoji


Nickname: Mei
Birthday: 2 July 1997
Blood type: O
Birthplace: Yamagata Prefecture
What is New Year’s to you?: I like to write New Years cards! I like receiving New Years cards from lots of people! I like looking at the various pictures inside the New Years cards!
What do you do with your New Year’s Gift?: Save it.
Things she’d like to try with TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE: Want to appear on a-nation. She wants all of her seniors to stand on stage with her.
Chocolate she’d like to make: White milk chocolate flavour. It is childish, because we would like the pure feeling to feel forever important. We could mix our favourite fruit with a chocolate parfait. This love x love will bring us happiness 2000 times. (^-^)v
Favourite thing to do: Dance
Favourite dessert: Ice cream
What do you drink to perk yourself up?: Mr. C and Oromin (soda tastes fresh)
Favourite character: Family Osaru
Favourite food: Strawberry flavoured food
Favourite game: My DS collection
Favourite colour: Pink
Favourite number: 2
Favourite shop: General store
Favourite flower: Sunflower
Pillow you need to sleep everywhere: Hello Kitty pillow
What makes you feel better?: Stuffed catepillar
T-shirt used in dance lessons: en4th
Goal: To have the five of us on the A-nation stage
Personality trait: I’m a very sore loser?!
Addicted to: Mugen Series
Favourite charisma: Michael Jackson
Image she’d like to become: Dividing my heart into the people around me, being strong, the kind kind of person who is uplifting
Favourite series: Ichigo GUUZU (Strawberry goods)
Person she’d like to become: Someone who can give energy and courage to many people
Favourite Yamagata food specialty: Baked soba (buckwheat noodles)

At age ten, Mei auditioned and was chosen in the avex project Crystal Children in the Crystal Wind unit. She performed in live performances in the dance unit. Mei attended DanceStudio MPF.

Looking back in the year 2010… What was the event that left the biggest impression on you?

【August 17th 2010′s Tokyo Girls Style YAMAGATA FIRST* LIVE】

In 2010, the most memorable event would be the live at my hometown during the summer!
I’ve always thought of that, I’m just soooooooooo happy about it!
During the show, everyone at the dance studio MPF danced together with us and to perform infront of so many people are definitely something that I would never forget!

I hope I could do it again

An introduction from Yuri ♪

Mei is someone that works really hard, she’s very focused and her dance is really good too
Whenever I could not understand something, she would always teach me about it
Personally for me, it is very difficult to do the harmony for new songs, I always have to work twice harder than everyone else
Ah! But, whenever she is excited her movements are really funny ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

Ah and then, I always make sure that everyday I will rub her face (#^.^#)
I wonder if she will really get angry about it soon, I’m quite worried actually (lol)