Miyu Yamabe


Nickname: Miyu, Myubbi, Myubii
Birthday: 24 June 1996
Blood type: B
Birthplace: Chiba Prefecture
What is New Year’s to you?: My grandmothers cook New Year’s food and we eat it every year!
What do you do with your New Year’s Gift?: Save it.
Things she’d like to try with TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE: For people to learn about Tokyo Girls’ Style from a singing battle.
Chocolate she’d like to make: Each member would have their own! Aa-chan would have marshmallow in the center. Hitomin would have a cute chocolate with a pink strawberry in the center. Mei would have a chocolate with an almond in the center. Yuri would have a rice chocolate! Miyu… what should it be?
Height: 135cm (4′ 5″)
Person she admires: Dance teacher
Hobby: Drawing, dancing
Special skill: Drawing
Favourite class: Art class
Favourite sport: Basketball
Favourite artist: Hamasaki Ayumi-san
Favourite saying: 頑張る! (“Ganbaru!”) [Try your best!]
Favourite food: Chocolate
Favourite character: Mr. Men & Little Miss
Favourite colour: Pink
Favourite thing to do: Dress up and dance
Favourite amusement park ride: Rollercoaster
Favourite clothing: Skirts with lace
Instrument played: Guitar
Job she’d like to try: Actress
Favourite cake: Tiramisu
A song that brings back memories: “Eien” by BoA
Goal with TGS: To become a sing and dance artist
Pets: A chihuahua “Blum”

Miyu is the leader of TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE. She was selected in the 2007 avex audition project as an actress and star personality talent, after passing the model auditions successfully. She once modelled and was represented by Junes.

Looking back in the year 2010… What was the event that left the biggest impression on you?

【August 14th/22nd, 2010 a-nation Nagoya/a-nation Osaka】

In 2010, the most memorable event was when we were able to perform at a-nation, which was our goal! Unfortunately, we were only able to perform for the power stage and not the main stage, but lots of people came to watch us and I was so touched/moved when the people who didn’t know about us started to dance along with us (*^_^*)

However…I danced with a Naruko (A Japanese instrument) but my hand slipped and it accidentally went flying somewhere else…uh oh…I wasn’t supposed to say that (lol)

I will continue to try hard in order to be able to perform for the main stage and not the power stage in 2011!

An introduction from Hitomi ♪

She is somewhat crazy (in a good way) but she’s responsible and is a great leader! Like…for instance…she writes and composes her original songs that are based on children’s songs and actually sings it at our lives…(lol) But, during an MC at our performances, she always becomes the central figure and guides us through!