Yuri Nakae


Nickname: Yuri
Birthday: 28 June 1997
Blood type: O
Birthplace: Osaka
What is New Year’s to you?: I like mochi rice cake! Even though it is stick and clogs the throat, I like eating the grilled food with everyone in my family.
What do you do with your New Year’s Gift?: Save it.
Things she’d like to try with TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE: See and study various artists in a performance.
Chocolate she’d like to make: Strawberry mille-feuille (pastry) chocolate! The strawberry is sweet, so the taste is less crowded when it is mixed with the chocolate into a parfait!
Special skill: Bushido, Martial Dance, sword battle
Favourite colour: Purple and black
Favourite character: Buufu
Favourite artist: TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki
Favourite flower: Lily
Collects: Stuffed animals and hats
Feature: #1 in Woman’s Kuishinbou
Uses which hand: Left-handed
Favourite TVXQ song: “Asu wa Kuru Kara”
Favourite hat: Beret
Favourite food: Baked noodle, chinese-style noodles
Often sings at karaoke: TVXQ songs
Favourite place to be after practise: Karaoke bar
Favourite fruit: Melon
In your top 3 delicious foods: Homemade sushi
Favourite dance genres: Jazz, hip hop
Respects: Family members
Secret dream: Going into movies or dramas
Family: She has an older brother
Pets: A dog “Leon”

Looking back in the year 2010… What was the event that left the biggest impression on you?

【August 23rd 2010′s LIVE*011 Tokyo Girl’s Style exclusive a-nation final night show】

It was our first limited live at Osaka (^O^☆♪
Both my friends and my mom were there and I was so nervous but it was really fun!
However, the costume at that time was a yukata… The belt was pretty tight and it was really hard to dance in (lol)
But I did my best~ ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

And introduction from Miyu ♪

Yuri loves to eat and instead of a shy girl she’s the kind of girl that would approach people, a certain Osaka trait I guess? She’s really funny and good in talking
But like me, sometimes she’s pretty clumsy too… (lol)
During the shooting of the PV Kirari, both of us had to run while wearing a bench coat, out of nowhere her coat was stuck and she fell down
Her leggings was torn and had a huge hole and there were blood coming out from it. It looked really painful (tears)

Yuri attended EXPG and aaa. She was represented by Sky Actors in 2006.