Ustream Awards

Ustream Asia has started a voting session to give an award to the selected channels from Japanese broadcaster and Tokyo Girls’ Style Ustream channel is one of the nominee. If you would like to cast in your vote to help TGS get a vote closer to winning this award head over to this link below and click on vote (the black box above their channel picture) and if you have difficulty finding the channel in the page, CTRL + F and search for 033, since they are nominee #033.

Once you have cast your vote, you’d be taken to another page with a few boxes to be filled in. If you can’t read Japanese don’t panic, these are the only things that you need to know to get on with the voting.

awardsLet us all throw in our support and pray that they’d win this award!


One thought on “Ustream Awards

  1. Frothy

    A very nicely written article.

    It took me a few minutes to work the site out myself, using Google Translate for the different boxes.

    It seems straight forward.

    Good luck TGS


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