Welcome back to STYLE!

Hello, everyone!

First off, thank you all for being so patient during STYLE’s transition. There was a communication issue with regaining the old server, so we just started new. We apologize that we had to re-do things (yet again), but the site is back in the hands of Nevi, the original owner, so this will be the last major change.

Things are still a bit under construction, as we are using a new system, so just bear with us right now!

I would like to welcome tensaisuzuka, kei_86, and IshimaruMiharu to our STYLE team! They will be keeping you all updated and translated with TGS.

Happy New Year and let’s get ready for another great year of TGS and STYLE!

3 thoughts on “Welcome back to STYLE!

  1. IshimaruMiharu

    Hey, welcome back STYLE!

    Thanks for the warm welcome!

    I’m happy to help out in one way or another..

    I apologize as I can’t update very often as I’m in my final year of Polytechnic..

    I will be having attachment & final year project to complete..

    However, I will try my very best to update when possible..

  2. kei_86

    Welcome back STYLE!
    I’m sure many people have been waiting for STYLE to come back and here it is now~
    I wasn’t able to help out much the last time so this time around I’m hoping to be able to contribute as much as I can to the site.


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